NEW : Governmental Fund 


  •  Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research (C)2015.1.1-2018.3.31(4,680,000 Yen)  acquired!
  •  KAKEN (Wakate(B)), 2011.4.28-2014.3.31(4,500,000Y)
  • (Korean Government) Earned Publication Fund from KOREA FOUNDATION, 2011 ($10,000)


Faculty Fund from The University

  • Special Research Fund from Graduate school of Languages and Cultures, Nagoya University,   2015 
  • Earned Publication Fund from Nagoya University, 2011 (300,000Y)

External Research Funded

  • TAF (The Telecommunication Advancement Foundation) Research Fund (1,300,000 yen)
  • Collaborative Research From Research and Education Promotion Division, General Affairs Department Project from NII(National Institute of Informatics) is Selected! (1,000,000 yen)
  • External Fund Decided! from Hoso Bunka Foundation, 2009 (1,000,000 yen)
  • The title of the research is “The Turning period of the Informational paradism and political Participation.
  • New Media and Informtation
  • The title of the research is “The Mechanizm of production and distribution of Visual contents and TV Viewing.”
  • SNS & Social Captital
  • Title: SNS Participation and Social capital
  • Korean Press Center :2007,2008
  1.  iza! for journalist blog and user initiative contents wins!
  2. 47NEWS: all news of Local papers in Japan on 47NEWS
  • The Okawa Foundation for information and telecommunications, 2004(1,000,000Y) Diffusion and Perception of Online community 
  • Yoshida Hideo Foundation, 2004:obile Internet and Information Value Project



  • 2016.7  大幸財団人文社社会学術研究助成金(80万円):中国人の観光行動に関する研究
  • 2013.4  ()電気通信普及財団(100万円)第302015年度  :電気通信に関する政策、法律、経済、社会及び産業面等からの研究調査
  • 2011.4 名古屋大学総長出版助成(30万円)
  • 2011.4  韓国財団出版助成($10,000)
  • 2009.4  NII 国立情報研究所(100万円)

  • 2009.2   (財)放送文化基金(80万円)


  • 2006.1   財)吉田秀雄記念事業財団 (100万円)

金相美(2006.3):『モバイル・インターネット利用における情報価値説明要因及び広告に関する態度に及ぼす影響』, ()吉田秀雄記念事業財団研究助成金による研究報告書(215)東京大学大学院 情報学環・助手

  • 2005.11 大川財団研究助成:情報通信部門 (100万円)                                                         サイバーコミュニケーションによるソーシャル・ネットワーク拡散と収斂に関する社会心理学的研究 ―日本と韓国社会におけるソーシャル・ネットワーク形成要因の比較を中心に

Previous Research 



  • KAKEN Information Behavior (as a cooperative member, Representative professor is Yoshiaki Hashimoto, 2005)
  • The Mechanizm of production and distribution of Visual contents and TV Viewing (2009)
  • Media management and a Marketing Strategy abroad (2008)
  • - Comparative studies of US, Japan, Australia, Germany, Russia and Korea. -: The Management strategy of JAPAN
  • The Diffusion and Competition of mobile contents in mass media cooperation (2008)
  • Contents related Baseball are big hit! For Yomiuri on Line and Chunichi Shinbun
  • Lifestyle and Digital Media Project (In affiliation with Konica Minolta and Professor Yoshiaki Hashimoto)