●Current Students of 2018

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Current situation of the year of 2018

  • 修士課程1年生(3)





  • 修士後期課程(博士研究生)(1)

Yuan Jinbo 


  • G30 修士1年生(2)

Yuxiao Panパン ユシュオ 

Qiyu Bao ホウキヨウ 


  • Research Student(2)





Acquired Doctor

  • Kim Min-Ji (Doctor,2017)

Research Interest: How does Japanese-Korean watch "Korean Drama"? --Relationship between Ethnic Identity and "Korean Drama" Watching

Keyword ;  韓国ドラマ、韓流、男女差、ナショナリズム、日韓関係

Acquired Master(Written below selected from many graduated students)

  • 胡雨辰 (Master, 2017)  Thesis:  Weibo Usage of Chinese International Students residing in Japan


  • 金知暁 (Master, 2017)  Thesis:  Entertainment Broadcasting, Image of Woman, TV, テレビ番組が伝わる女性のイメージ  ―バラエティ番組を中心に
  •  Ma Lei(Scholaship from ROTARY, Master, 2016)  Thesis: House Wife's with children and Social Media ソーシャル・メディア、育児期女性の情報行動、生活満足度、幸福感
  • Ko YuiKa(Master, 2013) Thesis: Discourse of "Social Inequality" in Japan--On the basis on analysis of Newpapers (Resolution of life: “互恵性溢れる平等な日本”)
  • 加藤敦(Master, 2012)Thesis: An Analysis of "Bashing" reports in Newspaper and weekly magazines :Using Discourse analysis to study social signiricance of "Bashing" currently Working @ Kyoto
  • Yamazaki Akane(Master, 2012)  Thesis: : Contents Analysis *Currently working @ Public Servant of Soumu-Sho (Ministry of Public Management, Home Affairs,Posts and Telecommunications) 
  • Ryu Bun Sho(Master, 2012) Thesis: A Study on Chinese Youth's Attitudes Koreans-Focused on the Influence of the Post-1980s' Internet Usage-(Resolution of life: “韓流大好き”)
  • 達慧晶(Master, 2011)   Thesis:  Social Media Usage of International Students residing in Japan ソーシャル・メディア、留学生の情報行動、留学生の人間関係、日本人との異文化コミュニケーション