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DOCTORAL Candidates

  • Kim Min-Ji

Research Interest: How does Japanese-Korean watch "Korean Drama"? --Relationship between Ethnic Identity and "Korean Drama" Watching


  • Park Hwang Hwa

Thesis Theme: : A Comparative Analysis of News Frames between a Chinese and North Korean Newspapers --How the North Korean Nuclear Issue was Reported in the People's Daily and Rodong Sinmun

Kewword::中国ツーリズム、 訪日中韓女性観光客の観光行動、ナショナリズム、パブリック・ディプロマシー


Master Course 

  • Ma Lei

Research Interest: : House Wife's with children and Social Media 


  • Kako Nakayama

Research Interest: :Korean Pop , Girls Idol,  HANRYU, Body Image, Gender



Foreign Research Students

  • 胡雨辰

Research Interest: Marriage、China, Comparative study


  • 金 知暁

Research Interest: Entertainment Broadcasting, Image of Woman, TV, 

テレビ番組が伝わる女性のイメージ  ―バラエティ番組を中心に


  • Kato Atushi

Thesis: An Analysis of "Bashing" reports in Newspaper and weekly magazines :Using Discourse analysis to study social signiricance of "Bashing"
Work @ Kyoto

  • Yamazaki Akane

Research Interest: Contents Analysis

Work @ Public Servant of Soumu-Sho (Ministry of Public Management, Home Affairs,Posts and Telecommunications) ;

  • Ryu Bun Sho

Thesis: A Study on Chinese Youth's Attitudes Koreans-Focused on the Influence of the Post-1980s' Internet Usage-

Resolution of life: “韓流大好き”

  • Ko YuiKa

E-mail: kwjlx_ngy at yahoo.cn/FB:xxx

Research Interest: Discourse of "Social Inequality" in Japan--On the basis on analysis of Newpapers

Resolution of life: “互恵性溢れる平等な日本”

  • Da Huijing

E-mail: kwjlx_ngy at yahoo.cn/FB:xxx

Thesis: Research of the relationships between Acculturation and SNS usage on International students from China

Working @ TOKAI GOMU